Amazon Echo is not the only Amazon hardware that has gotten an upgrade. The rest of the Echo family, namely, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition, and Echo Show, has also been updated.

2020 Amazon Echo Dot

And guess what? Save for Echo Show 10, both the Echo Dot and Echo Dot Kids Edition has received the same spherical treatment.

The new Amazon Echo Dot is available with or without clock. Both features the fabric finish as the Echo and promised to delivery crisp vocals and balanced bass for full sound while rocking a compact design measuring just 3.9 inches in diameter. That’s a little larger than a standard baseball, btw. Cute.

2020 Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

The usual is expected of the Dot, including asking Alexa anything and to do anything, controlling your smart home with voice, make calls, and like the bigger Echo, making your home like a supermarket by dropping announcement through the entire house where Echo Dots are placed. There’s a mic kill switch too.

The all-new Echo Dot will be released on October 22 for US$49.99. Pre-order is on-going as we speak.

Next up is identically sized Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition. It is essentially the regular Echo Dot but cuter with fun, colorful Panda and Tiger prints. What really set it apart is, the Alexa is custom-built for kids and also, animal sound alarms.

2020 Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

With this Echo Dot for kids, you have total control your kids access to the device. And it can totally take your place to read with your kids, reliving you of the one tiny part of parenting. Anyhoo, that is the future (for some).

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Strangely, the kids version of Echo Dot is a tad pricier than the regular Dot at US$59.99. Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is available to order now, with shipping expected to happen on October 22.

Last but not the least is the all-new Amazon Echo Show 10. The Echo Show 10, as the name implies, comes outfitted with a 10.1-inch HD screen that move with you. And yes, it has a front-facing camera (13 MP). Perfect for those who, for some reasons, love to video chat and move around at the same time.

2020 Amazon Echo Show 10

It is basically an Echo with video call capacity. You can also leverage the screen to look up video cooking guides, watch news, and even Netflix and do whatever hell that you want to do.

Audio prowess is by the way of a dual, front-firing tweeters and a powerful woofer. Like a screen-less Echo, it is also a home hub, opening access to your home smart devices and whatnot.

Amazon Echo Show 10 will be launched in time for the holidays for US$249.99. Pre-order for the device, however, is not open yet.

All images courtesy of Amazon.

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