Lensta Camera Grip for Smartphones

Accessories that turn your trusty smartphone into an actual camera-like device are not new. The idea has been pitched since iPhone 4s (for example iPhone Shutter Grip). SnappGripp, Miggo Pictar Pro and more recently, the Bitplay Snap Case with Bluetooth Shutter are some of them that we have seen. If you can agree with us, all them have one thing in common and that is, they are pretty serious-looking. So, if you prefer something that is more ‘fun’, then Lensta Grip might just be right up your alley.

Like most turn-your-smartphone-into-a-camera grips before it, Lensta Grip provides a comfy grip for your smartphone while offering stabilizing functionality, a shutter button for shooting, tripod mount and it has its own battery, so it need not to leech off your smartphone’s. But really, the similarity pretty much ends there. Lensta Camera Grip for Smartphones stands out as one sporting fun, trendy designs. Frankly, I am pretty amazed that it has gotten more love on Indiegogo.

Also, I am surprised that Lensta did not leverage on this fun fact and instead, lauds more on every other features similar products already have. Lensta should have emphasized on the trendiness and the fun look. Some may argued that the look of Lensta Grip is too kiddish, but that’s exactly the point of this. It stands out from the sea of ‘serious’ grips in the market. I mean, seriously, why would anyone want to make their iPhone looked like a Leica right? OK. Maybe some. Anywho, that’s not the point. The point is, if you want a functional grip that is also fun, then this is it.

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Lensta Camera Grip for Smartphones is available in Vergan Leather and Donut Corduroy. Both models are available in a choice of removable shutter or non-removable shutter button. It is available to order via Indiegogo (it is funded, btw) for $28-43. Shipping is expected to happen sometime in February 2020.

All images courtesy of Lensta.