The iPhone Shutter Grip

(photos: Photojojo) The iPhone Shutter Grip | US$40.00 |

though the iPhone 4S received a boost in the imaging department but it never truly became a full-fledge digital camera replacement because screen-tapping shutter never really feels like a real camera anyway, it never will. so, when iPhone introduced the use of the volume rocker as the shutter button, it was a welcome move but it is not exactly at an ‘ergonomic’ position, so to speak. especially true, if you have huge hands. however, avid iPhonegraphers need not fret as the iPhone Shutter Grip is here to complete your iPhonegraphy experience. it plugs right into your iPhone 30-pin dock connector, immediately equipping your iPhone with a shutter button, a tripod mount, and a handy grip. other features include adjustable fit so that you can use it even with the iPhone case on and capturing of still images while in the midst of a video shoot. for once, iPhonegrapher can brand themselves as true shutterbugs and not just mere screen-tappers. The iPhone Shutter Grip is available from our favorite photography store, Photojojo for $40 a pop. hit the jump for a few more look.

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