AViiQ Ready Clips USB Cable

AViiQ Ready Clips
(photos: AViiQ) AViiQ Ready Clips | from US$19.99/set | www.aviiq.com

what’s wrong with our current USB cables? nothing, if you are not freaked out by the tangle mess that comes along with its unncessary long cable length or if you are accustomed to spending time to dig through your bag just to find that one cable. but we are not fans of those two aforementioned things and hence, we find the AViiQ Ready Clips is an rather attractive proposition that would resolve those two issues, simultaneously. Ready Clips feature a flat cable design that offers to end entanglement with your USB cables once and for all, and a clip is incorporated into one end of the cable, allowing it to clip easily onto your bag or pocket for easy transport and not to mention, allowing for easy access to it when you need it. some may lament its unusually short length (119.65 mm or 4.71 inches, to be exact) but honestly, who needs anything longer when you are on the go? besides the two key features, the cable will probably makes you look cooler using it. well, for the latter, you didn’t hear it from us. the AViiQ Ready Clips are available in three versions: USB to 30-pin dock connector for Apple devices, USB to micro USB and USB to mini USB. prices range from $19.90 (for a set of two) to $29.90 (for a set of two).

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