a decent DSLR these can easily address HD videoing needs for small to medium size productions, but we can’t say the same for the sound it would yield. hence, we see DSLR-based video rig treated to a Centurion-like add on, or lack thereof in some cases. billed as the world’s first handy recorder with interchangeable microphone system, the Zoom H6 Handy Recorder here aims to address the audio recording shortfall by introducing up to 24-bit / 96k high-definition audio to your videography business. designed to attached to the camera strap or mounted directly to a DSLR or camcorder, it offers six tracks of simultaneous recording and swappable input capsules, each designed for a specific application.

currently, four input capsules are available: X/Y Mic for stereo recording, Mid-Side Mic for continuous variable stereo width, Shotgun Mic for capturing dialogue, and XLR/TRS Combo Input for additional mic and line inputs. the former two are included with the H6, while the latter two are available as options. other features include a large full-color LCD display for monitoring recording and playback levels, direct recording to SD cards (supports up to 128GB), stereo Line Out, a headphone jack, built-in speaker, a USB port for data transfer, plus of host of adjustments and controls include onboard effects, metronome and chromatic tuner, adjustable playback speed and pitch correction and more. the Zoom H6 Handy Recorder will be available this July for $399.99.

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