What has a video eyewear and smart glasses maker has to do with mobile gaming? Probably nothing, but that’s until Vuzix comes along with the V-720 Mobile Gaming Platform. By the product’s name, it does not say quite as much, but this 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree is actually a high-end pair of video headphones (video eyewear + headphones) paired to the NVIDIA Shield portable gaming device, providing you with a wearable gaming solution that would no doubt be more immersive and also keeps prying eyes out of your personal gaming space. Perfect for those who hate creeps who peep at you while you are gaming. Obviously, you can’t be walking and playing this at the same time, but it is a brilliant idea nonetheless.

The system (which we wish was wireless, but it isn’t) features HD 720p displays with a large field of view that is said to be equivalent to a 130″ screen viewed at a distance of 10 feet and connects to the NVIDIA Shield via a cable. However, it is not limited to just NVIDIA; you can also hook it up to your smartphone, tablet, game console, PC, as well as 3D Blu-ray player via HDMI input to enjoy the contents and games in the privacy that’s unlike no other. Especially useful for grown ups who wants to play rated games when their children is around. No word on when it will be available, if it will even be available at all, but for those heading to CES 2015, happening between January 6 and 9 in Las Vegas, you will be able to catch V-720 Mobile Gaming Platform at Vuzix’s booth.

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