if your love for arts is as strong as your love for technology, then we thought the Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station might be of an interest to you. instead of the usual docking station, the Venus of Cupertino offers you a lady of curvaceous form (read: plus size) that will dutifully hold on to any second, third, or fourth generation iPad. the dock itself appears to be just another art sculpture, until an iPad docks to it, transforming it into a whole new sculpture that marries art and technology. created by one Scott Eaton, the Venus is hand-cast in museum-quality resin and has a standard 30-pin USB cable integrated onto the Venus’s abdomen for syncing and charging.

no worries if you have an iPad with the Lightning connector, cos’ this awesome artsy dock comes with an adapter to support it, so you (and your newer iPad) can enjoy this curvaceous “goddess of fertility for the technology age”. if you ask me, this got to be the best and most conversational iPad dock we have seen so far. obviously, it is a like for us. the Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station first made debuted last year and so obviously, it is not the newest new, but the difference is, instead of shelling out $250 for it, you can now acquire this art-meet-technology dock at a special discounted price of just $125 via FAB. hit the jump for a mini gallery with some larger views.

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