AeroPad Two by Jarre

AeroPad Two by Jarre
(photos: Jarre) AeroPad Two | €699.99 |

the problem with abundance supply of sound docks is the monotony in the design department. you know it goes: things become stale as manufacturers ran out of idea and start to turn out goods rather half-heartedly. hence, it is refreshing to see a beautiful design such as this AeroPad Two by Jean Michel Jarre (the same folk who brought to you the world’s tallest sound dock). in case you haven’t notice, the AeroPad Two is a sound dock with a built-in 30-pin connector for your iDevices, including your iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. needless to say, it is the beautiful design that caught our eyes. the system is constructed from bamboo on the top, while stainless steel in chromium finish completes the lower section and stretches out to the back. it has four speakers, each having a 30W RMS and a subwoofer with 80W RMS takes on the low frequency sound reproduction. though it is made for iDevices, its Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5mm audio input jack and USB port allows for a variety of sources to be connected to it. the good thing is, unlike many beautifully dream-like products, which are stuck at its concept phase, this gorgeous example can be yours if you are willing to portion €699.99 (about US$925) of your wealth. expect shipment to be sometime in September 2012. a few more look after the break.

Jarre via HiConsumption

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