Let’s face it. If you cook, you will need at least a pair of tongs, or do you? Because since the invention of Anytongs, regular tongs have probably seen the last of their days. OK. Maybe not if you need it for flipping hot patties because I don’t believe it is good when too near an open fire.

Anytongs Turns Spoons and Forks into Tongs

Anyways, Anytongs is a genius invention that turns your spoons and forks, or maybe even sporks, into a pair of tongs. All you have do is to slide your silverware (or just stainless steelware for most of us) into the Anytongs, give them a nice tug, and voila! a pair of tongs is ready for use.

When you need to pick up other food, just remove the used spoons/forks, slap on a fresh pair and you are good to go again. It will save you from becoming a tongs-hoarder.

Anytongs Turns Spoons and Forks into Tongs

But loading fresh cutlery to serve as tongs like loading fresh magazines on a firearm is only good if you have enough cutlery to go around. And if you do, you can pick up Anytongs for US$12.99 a pop, or US$19.99 for a 2-pack bundle.

Images: Anytongs.

via the gadgeteer.

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