Forget about huge-ass, ugly looking tumble dryer because, there is a new kind of tumble dryer in town. Billed as an ultra-fast countertop tumble dryer for any home, Morus Zero, as it is known, is a compact home appliance that dries your laundry quickly and efficiently. In addition to heat, it uses vacuum technology which lowers the air pressure inside the dryer to aid in evaporation rate of water. This enables it to dry your garments in just 15 minutes.

Morus Zero Countertop Tumble Dryer

Quick dry and without full-on heat, Morus Zero is a less costly way to tumble dry your laundry, saving your energy bill and also safeguard your garments from overheat damages. The combination of vacuum and heat also ensures the clothes are actually dried and it does so without the need for complicated installation while looking pretty snazzy at the same time. Yes. You heard that right. Snazzy… for a dryer. Sometime quite unheard of unless your splurge on expensive models.

Morus Zero Countertop Tumble Dryer

The fact that it is countertop size, you can bring along with you in your RV when you head out on a road trip too. Other noteworthy mentions include built-in UV sterilization to get rid of bacteria, moisture sensor system turns off system when no moisture is detected, tri-motor system with a dedicated motor for drum drive, clear and concise display of information on integrated display, built-in water tank and water level sensor, and a vent-less design ensures no moisture is being ejected into the environment and hence minimizing the chance of mold build up.

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Morus Zero Countertop Tumble Dryer first made its appearance at CES 2019 and it is now peddling on Kickstarter where you will be able to secure a unit for as low as $299. The campaign has since met with pretty overwhelming reception. At the time of this writing, the product’s campaign has secured nearly $500,000 in funding with almost 1,500 backers behind it.

Morus Zero Countertop Tumble Dryer

Images: Morus.

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