Remember once upon time there was a thing known as life cam? You know, those wearable cameras that practically records your life in your point of view (PoV)? Well, the Insta360 GO is NOT that. It is more. It is an action camera. Wait. Actually, no. It is a life action camera.

Insta360 GO 20-gram Steady Camera

Insta360 GO is a perfect marriage of life cam and an action cam. However, unlike typical action cameras, it does not have display. You will only be able to see the clips when you plug it to an Android or iOS device.

It has a magnetic body, allowing it to be mounted to any metal surface and if that’s not enough, it comes with a variety of mounting options for just about any where.

Insta360 GO 20-gram Steady Camera

There’s even a magnet pendant you can wear under your shirt and have the Insta360 GO magically stick to the shirt. And at just mere 18.3g (0.65 oz), you won’t even feel that it is there.

Other key highlights include 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization (known as ‘FlowState’), IP4X rated resists rain, splashes and a quick dunk of no more than 10 seconds, supports hyperlapse and slo-mo recordings, supports a variety of aspect ratios (16:9, 1:1, and 9:16), built-in Bluetooth 4.0 (LE), 8 GB onboard storage, f2.1 aperture, and a built-in battery good for around 200 clips, each about 20 seconds long, per charge.

Insta360 GO 20-gram Steady Camera

When it is time to juice, a 20-minute quick charge with the charging case gets it topped. The charging case itself needs just an hour to fully charge.

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All these goodies are packed in a sleek, rather assuming white, pill-like enclosure that can be engraved for a touch personalization. Insta360 GO 20-gram Steady Camera can be had as we speak for $220.

All images courtesy of Insta360.

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