Edelkrone StandPLUS Camera Stand

A camera tripod’s design has stuck for a long time and for good reasons: the adjustable, three-legged design offers reasonable amount of stability and at the same time, affording the flexibility for use on uneven terrains. So, there’s really no need for anyone to reinvent the wheel. The tripod is good as it is, but for reasons unknown to us, camera accessories innovator Edelkrone did just that. Yeap. It reinvented the tripod, well, actually, it kind of throws what you know about tripod out of the window and adopt a radically different approach which it calls StandPLUS.

Ok, it is not a tripod per se; it is more of a camera stand in a collapsible ‘zig zag’ form which the company describes “no knobs no buttons… just move your camera to the desired frame and leave it there.” The company said it is a hassle-free way of getting the frame you want and that immediately, prompt us to imagine it being useful in the studio, or maybe in the urban areas where grounds are mostly flat. To be fair, it does have ‘three legs’, but those are flat on the ground like outriggers, not that kind of individually adjustable legs of a typical tripod and hence, StandPLUS would not be as useful in the great outdoors where there are more undulating terrains than flat surfaces.

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It is an interesting take of a ’tripod’, sorry, I mean to say, ‘camera stand’ nonetheless and it should have a place when shooting in studios and city areas – provided it is priced reasonably. Speaking of price. It is not known yet and so is the availability. The official product page listed it as “coming soon.” If so desired, you can sign up with Edelkrone to be notified when it becomes available.

via PetaPixel