Edelkrone Makes Camera Mount Cheaper By Letting You 3D Print It

Here’s an interesting development in the world of photography. Camera mount maker Edelkrone is set to disrupt the camera/photography accessories market with a new line called ORTAK. What makes ORTAK radical is, it adopts a co-manufacturing philosophy that lets you download and 3D print the product parts published by Edelkrone and purchasing the CNC machined […]

Edelkrone Reinvents Tripod By Doing Without The Three-leg Design

A camera tripod’s design has stuck for a long time and for good reasons: the adjustable, three-legged design offers reasonable amount of stability and at the same time, affording the flexibility for use on uneven terrains. So, there’s really no need for anyone to reinvent the wheel. The tripod is good as it is, but […]