Among the analog medias, vinyl seems to have survived the onslaught of digital medias. In fact, it was the opposite; vinyl proves to be rather resilient media and have seen continual increase in sale in recent years, breaking 9 million mark in 2014 and that must have given Panasonic enough reasons to toy with the idea of rebooting its direct drive turntable technology – for turntable, of course. During the ongoing IFA, the Japanese electronics maker has announced it will reinvent and relaunch its iconic Technics turntable series, kicking it off with a Technics Direct Drive Analog Turntable Prototype equipped with newly-developed direct drive motor.

Key features includes coreless stator design to eliminate cogging, twin rotors to reduce bearing load and minimize tiny rotational fluctuations, and oil impregnated high-precision bearings for vibrations reduction. The prototype, which is crafted out of aluminum, combines classic and contemporary lines to result in an utilitarian aesthetic that reminds us of other past Technics’ high-end audio products. The turntables’ design will draw inspiration from the legendary SP10 (released in 1965) and DJ’s favourite SL-1200 turntables (first introduced in 1972).

In case you don’t already know, Technics was once defunct, but it has given a new lease of life in 2014, which also happens to be the 50th years since its inception. Panasonic said it will continue to refine its technology, including the prototype you announced at the IFA.

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