LEGO enthusiasts Chubbybots aka Kevin Low has created his own LEGO rendition of King Ghidorah as seen in the movie King of the Monsters. There is little to say about the wonderful LEGO MOC except for it was majestic and we love what we have seen.

LEGO MOC King Ghidorah by Chubbybots

Perhaps, LEGO elements will never be able to accurately express the King’s ferocity as a statue would, but as for someone who loves LEGO and kaiju, this creation was beyond awesome.

And it is huge too. Chubbybots’ LEGO MOC King Ghidorah towers at around 38 2×6 bricks tall which works to be over 38 cm (14.36 inches) tall. No number was offered for the wingspan, but man, it is super wide!

No details of the build were provided, but you can have a look at the build process in the video embedded below.

After that, you may want to hit up the man’s Instagram page for even more builds. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

Images: Instagram (@chubbybots)/YouTube (Chubbybots).

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