Just when we are thought the MTime Godzilla: King of the Monsters is massive, in comes the King Ghidorah statue from Thailand-based Spiral Studio. At 35 inches (88.9 centimeters) toe-to-wing and an impressive 54.1 inches wing-to-wing, this big guy demands some serious shelf space.

If the numbers aren’t enough to say how big it is, then check out the actual statue beside the paint artist Titinun Naksud of Ekon Studio:

Ultimate Masterline Premium Statue: King Ghidorah Deluxe Edition

Titinun Naksud was the artist responsible for the incredible paint job. Absolutely mind-blowing. The sculpt and all.

All told, there are two editions of this enormous, movie-accurate depiction of the three-headed King: Deluxe (DX-KGS002) and Standard (VS-KGS001).

The Ultimate Masterline Premium Statue: King Ghidorah Deluxe Edition is outfitted with LED light up functions and features a diorama of the destroyed city from the final battle scene between the two titans. The light up functions can be found on the necks as well as the fiery city, or what was remain of it.

Meanwhile, the Ultimate Masterline Premium Statue: King Ghidorah Standard Edition has none of those, but no less impressive.

Both editions have one thing common and that’s impressive sticks.

The Standard Edition sells for $1,175 while the Deluxe commands a heftier $1,750. If you want one, you need to act on it ASAP because, there are only 250 units of the Standard and just 199 of the Deluxe to go around globally.

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Also, pre-order for this wonderful monstrosity ends April 30, 2020. Shipping is expected to happen sometime in Q4 2020.

Images: Spiral Studio.

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