Best Apps For Couples In 2021

Apps are everywhere in 2021, with new titles being made available for download to your favorite smart device every day. They are proving to be especially popular amongst the singles community, as having access to a diverse pool of talent, 24/7, simply tapping into your handheld device, has become one of the most popular leisure activities.

How popular? Dating apps are more frequently accessed than desktop websites, and their combined income exceeded $3 billion some time ago. While apps aimed at individuals are fantastic for their flexibility, those aimed at couples look likely to sweep the market this year.

What Are Apps for Couples and What Are They For?

Many apps will already have settings for couples. You might be thinking that this seems counter-intuitive – after all, the purpose of most dating services is to bring people together, so the default relationship status at the outset would normally be single.

But a lot of couples are non-monogamous. The beauty of the online dating world is that it caters to so much more than traditional vanilla relationships. Virtual matchmaking covers every base you could think of, from kinky pleasures and fetishism through to polyamorous get-togethers. Sometimes a couple might be eager to invite a third party in on their lovemaking; on other occasions, they’ll be into swapping partners over to spice things up.

However, many other couples apps serve an entirely different purpose. They are less about threesomes, and more about things like arranging your daily itinerary, or even offering some therapy. In short, there’s a whole dimension of interesting apps to explore, offering a splendidly diverse array of functionality.

List of Useful Apps for Couples

The main advantage of these apps is their inclusivity. Whether you are a heterosexual couple or not, these applications will be useful for your relationship. Lots of positive feedback from the users of this website helped us compile a list of the best apps for couples.


Coupe app

Couple could best be described as a more intimate version of WhatsApp, a mobile app that provides a discreet and flexible messaging service, especially targeting romantically-attached couples. This platform allows the sharing of texts, photographs, and videos, with all the flexibility of Facebook Messenger, with the proviso that the communication here is strictly one on one.


SimplyUs app

This app is all about helping couples to organize their lives in a modern age where there are so many conflicting demands on our time. It provides a shared calendar that is always synced, allowing you to formalize everything from your grocery lists to your general ‘to-dos.’

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This simple and convenient app can become a cornerstone of your relationship, a central hub you can tap into at any time to make your life as seamless as possible. There are also private texting facilities, and photo messaging, enabling you to keep your diary of events as informal and romantically-inclined as you wish.


Foodie app

Foodie is marketed as an essential companion for couples wishing to unleash their inner master chefs! It’s all about taking high-quality snaps of your favorite dishes, injecting layers of enjoyment, entertainment, and some serious culinary appreciation into your time together in the kitchen.

Preparing and then savoring meals has been a crucial aspect of romance since time immemorial. This handy app allows you to celebrate the meals you have collaborated with, then share the evidence with your social network. The app allows images to be readily uploaded and filtered to your Instagram accounts.

Fix A Fight

Fix A Fight app

This is an app aimed at ironing out friction within a relationship. Well-designed, user-friendly, and based on solid research, its purpose is to guide you through some basic steps that will help identify the flashpoints, then smooth things over. Once you’ve used the app to successfully resolve a situation, you can call upon its services when similar issues arise.

It is particularly focused on providing the tools to fix partnerships when the spark has temporarily fizzled out where their love life is concerned, helping to identify reasons why either party’s libido has diminished, then suggesting ways to get around this.


Raft app

Raft is another online calendar app for couples, allowing you to collaborate with your plans. Via the streamlined convenience of your mobile phone or tablet, you can arrange every aspect of your daily routine, from the time you’ll spend indulging in leisure pursuits, whether that’s a trip to the gym or your yoga sessions, to suggested menus for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner then supper!

For some, the idea of introducing such a degree of regimentation into your lives might seem like the antithesis of romance. After all, isn’t spontaneity an integral part of being happy? But the app is so user-friendly, it can become difficult to resist the urge to share your calendar. Especially when making careful plans to guarantee date night is will be truly memorable!

There is so much more to digital dating in 2021, compared to the functionality available with the first commercial services launched in 1995. Where they were once strictly about introducing single A to single B in a relaxing, hassle-free environment, they have evolved to cater to a wide variety of tastes and desires.

Humans are incredibly complex, and the world of human relationships reflects this. Apps have tapped into the most basic of aspirations – seeking others for relationships, in whatever form that might be – providing any number of tailored services for enthusiastic couples.