Animendations Anime Recommendation App

Whether you are an anime veteran or a person who is just getting into the wonderful world of anime, you may want to know about an upcoming anime-focused mobile app. Called Animendations, an obvious portmanteau of ‘anime’ and ‘recommendations’, it is a mobile application that aim to help anime enthusiasts to discover new content.

Animendations is NOT a streaming platform, but it is really an app to discover what anime to watch and an app that compliments streaming platforms like Netflix, for example. Think of it as a IMDB for anime, but with the boon of recommendations and more.

Why Animendations? Well, with anime, there are millions to choose from and finding those that tickles your fancy can be gargantuan task. Thanks to Animendations’ engine and algorithm that take users trend, rating, popularity and more into consideration, this upcoming anime recommendation mobile app promised to help anime lovers to find new content they will enjoy faster.

It will provide users with personalized anime recommendations, offers access to a massive database of content so you can always find the latest and greatest content, and it will track the anime you have watched, you are watching and want to watch. Here’s the story behind Animendations:

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And here’s the promo video of the app:

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All images courtesy of Teardrop Developments.