Caviar is no doubt the current leading luxe gadgets creator. Unlike its competitors (which have mostly, if not all, defunct at this point), Caviar is planning ahead. Speaking of planning ahead, Caviar has just announced three major gadgets that will be getting the luxe treatment for 2021, along with a pair of kicks, to usher in the new year.

The golden collection is collectively known as “Fantastic Four.” Fantastic Four, eh? Not sure if Disney will be going after the brand for using that name, though. Anywho… skip ahead to learn more.

Caviar Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra ‘Golden 21’

Caviar Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Golden 21

Kicking off the lineup for 2021 is the yet-to-be-announced Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. That’s right. Caviar is getting ahead of Samsung and revealed renders of the planned lavish range-topper of the next-generation Galaxy S Series.

The device, appropriately named Golden 21, boasts a case made of black PVD coating and pure coat of gold, featuring laser engraved stylized number ’21’, around the back.

Not going to lie. It is a tastefully luxe up device. Nothing ostentatious which a hint of Caviar’s maturity in respect to luxing up gadgets. However, I am not sure if is worth the asking price of US$77,230, which is a lot pricier than most of the Russian company’s previous luxe smartphones.

Anyhoo, much to our surprise, you can actually order the phone now. Yes, even before Samsung make the official announcement on January 14, 2021.

Caviar Apple AirPods Max ‘Gold White’ and ‘Gold Black’

Caviar Apple AirPods Max Gold Black

Apple AirPods Max’s asking price of US$549 is mind-blowing, well then, the Caviar-touched Apple AirPods Max ‘Gold White’ and ‘Gold Black’ is sure to leave you speechless for days.

As the name suggests, Apple’s first pair of audio cans have been given the obligatory gold treatment – pure 750 gold and 18 carats of it, to be precise, and paired to a choice of rare black or white crocodile leather. Beyond that, it is just the AirPods Max you have learned so far.

Caviar Apple AirPods Max Gold White

I am sure this is not going to be last of luxe AirPods Max from the maestro of luxe gadget. That said, diamonds-embellished example isn’t too farfetched considering what the company have done so far.

And oh, yes, the price. Caviar is asking US$108,000 for the luxe treatment. That’s nearly 200 times more than the original non-luxe example if anyone’s doing the math. Ouch. Though I have admit, the gold treatment works really well with the AirPods Max’s minimalistic design.

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Caviar Sony PlayStation 5 ‘Golden Rock’

Caviar Sony PlayStation 5 Golden Rock

Price of the Midas-touched Sony PlayStation 5, dubbed ‘Golden Rock’, has not been revealed yet, but rest assure, it is going to be the most ostentatious piece of gadget you will be able to get in 2021.

With ‘Golden Rock’, it is possibly the most ambitious luxe project from Caviar yet. It broke the PS5’s original form, bestowing it a, well, golden, geometric rock formation on its sides. Very alluring, IMHO.

Caviar Sony PlayStation 5 Golden Rock

The company will create the jagged formation with 8 sheets made from solid gold, totaling around 20 kilograms. In all, over 30 kilograms of precious metal is expected to be used to create this hyper luxe, next-gen video game console. And that’s not including the controllers, btw, which will also have the same geometric formation, in addition to luxe obligatory crocodile leather wrap.

If you are a super rich person looking for the ultimate luxe console, then this is the go-to video game console. Though the price isn’t revealed, you can actually request for the price on Caviar’s website.

Caviar Nike Air Jordan 1 ‘Victory Gold’

Caviar Nike Air Jordan 1 Victory Gold

The most affordable of the lot is this, ‘Victory Gold‘, a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 in white and treated with inlays of solid gold and diamonds. The gold inserts bearing Caviar branding are hand-embroidered onto the kicks.

It further features an exclusive design element in the form of a V-shaped gold and diamonds lace stay and a golden plate on the tongue. Gold element can also be found on the aglets, as well as on the heel pull tab.

Like the previous three, the Caviar Nike Air Jordan ‘Victory Gold’ is tastefully done. If anyone’s interested, you can pick up a pair for a grand US$15,380. And you will want to hurry because, it is limited to just 99 pairs.

Saved for the pair of luxe Nike kicks which has 99 pairs to go around, the aforementioned gadgets are all limited to just a single example worldwide. Now, that is exclusive! Which also explains the asking price.

Images: Caviar.

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