Lumawake iPhone Smart Dock

Lumawake iPhone Smart Dock
Lumawake iPhone Smart Dock | US$149.00 |

considering the fact that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and the rest of time, fiddling with our iPhone (ok, maybe not that much but close), the Lumawake iPhone Smart Dock seems like a brilliant idea. so what’s this Lumawake thing all about? well… it would be the world’s first smart dock that makes your iPhone work smarter and harder for you, even when you are asleep. the dock features swappable connector modules, making it compatible with all iPhone and iPod touch models and it lights up when you approach it, so you know where exactly to dock your iPhone without fumbling around even when you have shut the lights. using an array of infrared sensors and in conjunction with a free app, the smart dock is able to monitor your sleep pattern and wakes you up at an optimal time so that you will feel fresh and ready to take on the challenge of the day (at this point, it helps to have an understanding boss – if you know what we mean). and the most beautiful part? it can be fully integrated into your home automation systems such as SmartThings and WeMo to perform automated task such as turning your TV off when you fall asleep and readying a pot of hot brew for you to start the day when you wake up (assuming your optimal wake time don’t happen to be at 12 noon). basically, the possibility is endless and with its own microprocessor, this dock is pretty much ready to take your iPhone usage to the next level. the Lumawake iPhone Smart Dock is available for pre-order with an introductory price tag of $149 each with shipment expected to be sometime in ‘early 2013’ and that’s if they managed to hustle at least 1,000 ‘brand evangelists’ in the next 21 days. check out a few more images and a short product intro video after the break.

Lumawake via Cool Material

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