If you love the minimalistic, but yet stylish aesthetic offers by Bamford, then you may dig what Bamford has done to the G-Shock 5610. This is not Bamford’s own doing, btw. It is an official collaboration between Bamford and the Japanese watchmaker based on the G-Shock 5600 series timepiece.

Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610 Watch

The Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610, as it is known, is strangely stylish despite it being uber minimal. The timepiece is still very recognizable as a 5600 series, but now with pale blue fill on the “G-Shock” and “Protection” bezel etchings standing out on the matte black finish watch.

But the true Bamford design touches are reserved for the keen eye watch enthusiasts to appreciate. It includes an inverted display for the black dial look, a display border in pale blue, and even more subtly, a Bamford branding in classic ‘80s retro Casio font at the 6 o’clock position.

Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610 Watch

Bamford branding of the same font treatment is not limited to the watch face. It can be found on the band as well as the band stay too, also in pale blue fill. Speaking of pale blue fill, the flip side of the band is in pale blue too.

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Beyond the cosmetic touches, the Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610 Watch is still very much the 5600 series have known. That means features like solar charging, Multi Band 6 radio for precise timekeeping, world time, countdown timer, chronograph function, and of course, G-Shock’s shock and water resistance.

Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610 Watch

If you never been able to afford a Bamford-touched timepiece, well then the Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610 Watch could be it because, it will sell for a reasonable £149 (about US$197) when it hits the U.K. market on September 17.

Images: Casio.

Source: A Blog To Watch.

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