TAG Heuer Partnered With Mai Ikuzawa Of Team Ikuzawa And Bamford For A Beautiful Carrera Timepiece

You may not be surprised to see Bamford Watch Department and TAG Heuer join forces. But what you may not anticipate is a three-way collaboration involving the Swiss luxury watch brand and Team Ikuzawa, the name synonymous with motorsports, and extraordinaire customizer George Bamford of the legendary Bamford Watch Department.

Affordable Bamford Timepiece: Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610 Watch

If you love the minimalistic, but yet stylish aesthetic offers by Bamford, then you may dig what Bamford has done to the G-Shock 5610. This is not Bamford’s own doing, btw. It is an official collaboration between Bamford and the Japanese watchmaker based on the G-Shock 5600 series timepiece.

Bamford Adds Carbon And Aqua To Iconic TAG Heuer Monaco

You don’t need to be a watch connoisseur to adore a beautiful watch and it certainly don’t need a wrist watch lover to want to own this fabulous take of one of TAG Heuer’s most iconic timepiece: the TAG Heuer Monaco. Revamped by luxury watch customizer Bamford Watch Department, the TAG Heuer Monaco Heritage features …