Cel-Shaded Macross Diorama by Annkoromoti

Cel-shading in the model making is nothing new. But this one here by Japanese artist, sculptor, modeler and diorama maker, Annkoromoti, absolutely blew our mind. When we first lay eyes on it, we seriously thought it was a screen grab of the 1982’s Super Dimension Fortress Macross anime in 4K.

Cel-Shaded Macross Diorama by Annkoromoti

However, this image seems sharper a lot more sharper than the Blu-ray edition. Well, as it turns out, that image was a photo of a physical diorama. Folks, that is how convincing this diorama is. Yes. It literally is a physical object.

For those who aren’t familiar, this particular scene was from the opening sequence where the transforming aerospace fighter mecha VF-1 Valkyrie was on an elevator on its way up the hangar (from the opening scene).

Here’s the prove that it is not a screen grab:

Cel-Shaded Macross Diorama by Annkoromoti

To recreate the scene like it appeared in the anime, the artist employed a painting style known as cel-shading (or toon shading) that made 3D objects appear flat like it was in the cartoon (hence, the term ‘toon shading’) or anime.

Cel-shading usually has solid, flat colors and very defined shading. Annkoromoti not only perfectly recreated the colors and shading, but he also painstakingly recreated the hangar’s perspective as we have seen on the anime.

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Here’s a few more look:

And here’s a walk-around (or rotate around?) of the diorama:

So, yeah, the image you see here is not a perspective of photography. The model is in perpetual perspective! Absolutely sublime.

Here’s a side by side comparison of the diorama and that scene from the anime created by Twitter user Chad (@MacrossMechMan):

Images: Twitter (@ufjmFR0BF7t5Jq7).

Source: Geek Culture.