This 1978 Vespa LEGO Ideas Submission Totally Nailed The Look

Calling out to fans of Vespa. Yes, it’s another Vespa for today! But this one here is a LEGO MOC, submitted to LEGO Ideas. I think it deserve fans’ precious support because, this 445-piece, 1/9 scale model looks absolutely fantastic.

You Know What? Vespacross Is A Thing And It Is Pretty Damn Awesome

You know the motorsports, rally? And I am sure you are familiar with motocross too. The former is car racing not on circuit and often involving dirt and snow, while the latter is dirt bike racing that involves dirt track and a lot of breathtaking jumps. Well, now, meet Vespacross. It is the motocross you […]

Someone Reimagined Vespa As Motorcycles And The Results Are Dope!

Vespa is a scooter and the company behind it, Piaggio, have been doing it for over seven decades. All’s good up till now, but have it ever occur to you, what if the Italian company dabbles in motorcycles making, you know, like say, a chopper, a sports bike, or even a dirt bike? At this […]

Vespa Goes Green With Planned Electrified Vespa, Arriving In 2017

Good news, tree-hugging Vespa lovers, or rather, tree-huggers who was denied loving Vespa for the fuel it guzzles and smog it kicks out because Piaggio Group, the company behind the ever-loveable Vespa, has written a new future for this iconic scooter and it is an electric concept called Vespa Elettrica. You heard that right. Vespa […]

Swivel Chair Made Out Of 80s Vespa Chassis Is Crazy Awesome

What happens when scrap Vespa turns up in a Vespa-loving design studio? Well, in the case of Spanish firm Bel&Bel, they decided to give it a fresh breath of life. But in this new life, this Vespa won’t be scooting along any road; instead it will be scooting around a home or office as a […]

Vespa Suitcase: Bring a Piece of the Classic Vespa the Next Time You Jet Set

We can understand why sometimes luggages are marketed with cars, but a suitcase by a scooter maker like Vespa? Now, that’s pretty weird. However, we must say it is still an interesting proposition. One that would keep hardcore Vespa enthusiasts from missing their lovely Vespa when they are jet-setting. The Vespa Khaki Suitcase you see […]

Vespa 946

having a bike is every parents worry but if you have a Vespa, it will probably ease their worries a little – especially one Vespa that inspired by 1940s’ MP6 prototype cos’ it look so damn good that even your parents will can’t help but to feel nostalgic about it and forget their son/daughter will riding on one altogether. fitted with a modern day 125cc single-cylinder four-stroke unit, the 946…

Piaggio Vespa PX 150 Unification of Italy Anniversary Edition

Piaggio Vespa PX 150 Unification of Italy Anniversary Edition | €3,550.00 | 65 years and 3 million sold worldwide are numbers that show the cult popularity of the Vespa scooter. in celebration of the 150 years of the unification of Italy, Piaggio Italy has launched a special edition of the Vespa PX 150 scooter […]