Vespacross Motocross with Vespa Scooters

You know the motorsports, rally? And I am sure you are familiar with motocross too. The former is car racing not on circuit and often involving dirt and snow, while the latter is dirt bike racing that involves dirt track and a lot of breathtaking jumps. Well, now, meet Vespacross. It is the motocross you know, but competed by Vespa – modified to do scramble over dirt tracks and make jumps, of course. Like rally motorsports, they race on icy grounds too.

Vespacross Motocross with Vespa Scooters
Have you see a Vespa with so much dirt on it?

As it turns out, dirt track racing Vespa is a thing in Italy and some other parts of the world. Man, who would have a thought a tame, leisurely ride can be this awesome? I mean, Vespa is cool and all, but to see it doing air is just so surreal. Except it is very real and it is happening, even on ice. We thank our source for pointing us to what could possibly be mine new obsession.

Vespacross Motocross with Vespa Scooters
Mad Max-style spike tires on a snow/ice going Vespa. How cool is that?

Here, have a look at this formerly classy, adorable rides getting turned into Mr. Hyde on dirt tracks. After that, there is a video of it doing its thing on icy ground. Enjoy! I know I am totally digging it and I have a feel will be for a long time to come.

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Images: Vespacross Italia.

via Jalopnik.