Here’s the first look of the 2020 Toyota Supra you shouldn’t be seeing and we have Toyota Mexico to thank that we are seeing it ahead of its global reveal. Apparently, last week (January 11), Toyota Mexico accidentally tweeted a video of the supercar which was supposed to make its debut at the North America International Auto Show (NAIAS, AKA Detroit Motor Show) later today (January 14, 2019) when we should have the official words on the powertrain and other details, possibly including the availability and pricing. But for now, here are some glorious views of the much anticipated Japanese supercar screen grabbed from the now-removed Twitter video.

Toyota Mexico Toyota Supra Video

It remains to be seen if the all-new, ‘reborn’ Toyota Supra will live up to the expectations and if it will it help restart the once revered Japan performance car scene. I guess no one can say for sure with regards to those two questions. Before anyone is going to challenge me… NO, Nissan did not and never did to restart the Japanese performance import fever with the V-engined GTR. The now fallen-from-grace Carlos Ghosn might had turned around an ailing automaker, but his vision of Nissan’s flagship sport car has betrayed true Skyline GT-R fans – first by removing Skyline from the model name and then trying to emulate comfort and luxury with a deadpan move of deleting the Godly RB26 engine from the heart of the mighty Godzilla.

Toyota Mexico Toyota Supra Video

From the days of V-engine onward, the GT-R was deemed dead. I fondly reminisce the days when cars like Mitsubishi GTO (GT3000) Z15A, FC/FD Mazda RX-7, R32/33/34 Nissan Skyline GT-R, Toyota MR2 SW20, Honda NSX (NA1/NA2) and the likes dominated the market, along with many performance sedans and hot hatches in between. Those were the days when huddled inside Japanese book stores, eagerly flipping through pages after pages of Japanese import magazines even though I had absolutely no knowledge of the language. Oh, Google Translate. Where were you back then?

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But really, why the love, you ask? Because, well, they were relatively affordable, has potential for more power, and at the same time, looking absolutely fantastic. Anyways, enjoy the screen grabs and we shall keep you posted once the official words are out in the wild.

Images and source: Jalopnik.

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