The exhilaration of gliding over waves is only possible if Mother Nature is willing, but why limit yourself to “if the waves permit”? You don’t have to because, there is a new “surfboard” that you get on with “surfing” even on perfectly calm days. Meet Waydoo Flyer Electric Hydrofoil Board. The Shenzhen-based company recently debuted the Flyer at the CES 2019 with the aim of making electric/foil boards accessible and easy to handle.

Waydoo Flyer Electric Hydrofoil Board

Waydoo claims that its flyer is powered by aircraft tech and that it is affordable and beginner-friendly. But what exactly is a Waydoo Flyer? Well, it is an electric hydrofoil, or eFoil, board that lets you surf regardless of the water condition. So, yeah, it is a hydrofoil, but with a board stuck above it instead of a boat. Being a hydrofoil, the coolest part is, of course, the ability to glide above the water hydrofoil style. Now, if that isn’t the coolest thing to happen since propelled boards, I don’t what is. OK. I insist it is. Come on, how is not the coolest thing?

Waydoo Flyer Electric Hydrofoil Board

Waydoo said the shape of the board and the motor control techniques are inspired by the same technology use on a fixed wing aircraft. So, I guess you could say you are flying above the water. Waydoo Flyer Electric Hydrofoil Board is manipulated by the rider with a Bluetooth handheld controller that lets the user tailor various aspects of the foilboarding, including speed, height and in advanced mode, posture. I don’t believe I quite understand what “posture change” really mean, but think we getting the jive, somewhat.

Waydoo Flyer Electric Hydrofoil Board

Anywho, Waydoo says the board is good for both beginners and advance users, offering a “rookie mode” with automatic setting that it claims will “cut down on the learning time.” Plus, it is designed to fit in a typical SUV, so you’d be able to bring the Flyer to your favorite water spots. Waydoo is crafted out of carbon fiber composite and weighs just 17 kilograms (37 lbs) without battery, or around 30 kilograms (66 lbs) with battery.

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Waydoo is powered by a 6000W electric motor, paired to 18650 Lithium batteries that gets you 40-50 minutes of fun per 2-hour charging, and manages a top speed of 40 km/h (24 mph, or about 22 knots). Waydoo Flyer Electric Hydrofoil Board will be available starting March 2019 for $7,999 thru So, surf-heads, keep your eyes peeled.

In case you are wondering… Waydoo is a subsidiary of TXA UAV, an agricultural drone company which has DJI as its key investor. So, it did not just popped out of nowhere.

All images courtesy of Waydoo.

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