Simone Giertz Tesla Pickup Truck

Just yesterday, we were all wondering what is up with crazy inventor, queen of shitty robots, Simone Giertz, these days in between her struggle with brain tumor. And what do we know? A video of hers popped up when I open the YouTube app. Wait. Did my phone just eavesdropped on me??? Anyways, in her latest video, the quirk inventor/YouTube personality decided she haven’t the time and patience for Tesla to roll out the promised Tesla Pickup. So she did what any sane, mad inventor would do: she built her own Tesla Pickup which she affectionately named Truckla.

Simone Giertz Tesla Pickup Truck

Yes. You heard that right. Simone built an electric pickup. Well, with the help of some friends, each with their own expertise. So, yeah, Simone has beat Tesla in creating the world’s first Tesla pickup truck and boy, looked pretty darn awesome. Simone and her team started with a Tesla Model 3 as a base. Instead of chopping off the rear end and fusing it to an existing truck bed, the team decided to carve out the rear quarter, pull everything that’s in there out and stuffing it with a bed.

Clearly, this wasn’t a simple project. The works required were immense and therefore, it is not something we can simply put down in words. That said, instead of bored you with words, we invite you to have a look at a super fun Truckla “commercial” below, followed by a 30+ minutes long built documentary. Trust me, it will be 30 something minutes of your life well spent.

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Images: YouTube (Simone Giertz).