Good news, tree-hugging Vespa lovers, or rather, tree-huggers who was denied loving Vespa for the fuel it guzzles and smog it kicks out because Piaggio Group, the company behind the ever-loveable Vespa, has written a new future for this iconic scooter and it is an electric concept called Vespa Elettrica. You heard that right. Vespa is going electric and that’s a good news and a sign of the Italian scooter maker keeping up times. Finally, right? Cos’ if there’s any bike maker who has the financial to flex, it would be Piaggio, isn’t it? While going on the green route, the Italian bike maker isn’t sacrificing its iconic look; in fact, Piaggio promised it will still be a true Vespa and going so far to claim that the “style, agility, ease of use and riding please,” will not sway.

So, Vespa enthusiasts need not to be alarmed. The look that makes Vespa so iconic is not taking on the Tron direction; it is just change in the drivetrain with sprinkle of technology that touts “innovative connectivity solutions,” which likely to mean, well, a connected vehicle, possibly via a smartphone. Who knows? It could be using a tablet or smartphone as its instrument panel? But don’t quote me on that, I am just speculating. Beyond what you have read here, there’s no other concrete details nor are there any technical information offered and most certainly, it is way too early for pricing since this electrified Vespa will only realized sometime before the end of 2017.

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Image: Piaggio Group.

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