If you live in an obscenely huge mansion on an obscenely enormous compound, then you probably need a SWAT team to safeguard your property and if so, you will be needing this vehicle, the Inkas Toyota Land Cruiser Armored Vehicle. It is an armored special purpose vehicle based on Inkas Hudson APC (which stands for Armored Personnel Carrier, btw) and one which your money can buy. Though for how much, we have no idea. But we suggest you read on to learn more on what this non-run-of-the-mill Land Cruiser has to offer before asking “how much?” Why? I don’t know. It could be a little overkill for your purpose. Just saying…

Inkas Toyota Land Cruiser Armored Vehicle

Primarily designed with SWAT, law enforcement and border patrol agencies in mind, this armored vehicle pride itself as being highly maneuverable – thanks to its small frame, while enabling protection for up to 8 passengers and also, it has a turret. Weapons are obviously not included in the package, but we think a Browning M3 0.50 Cal gun will be a good fit up top, or a 7.62 GPMG if you want to take things down a notch.

Inkas Toyota Land Cruiser Armored Vehicle

It is air-conditioned and well ventilated so personnel gets their deserving comfort pre- and post operation, while the trusty 202 hp 4.5L turbocharged V8 diesel motor with 317 lb-ft of torque on the tap, coupled with Toyota Land Cruiser’s renowned off-road capability, ensure the team gets where they are supposed to without worrying about terrain conditions.

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An all-round gun ports, a pair of hatches for quick getaway, heavy-duty electronic winch, advanced door lock mechanism, high-quality multi-layer bullet resistant glass, armored engine bay to ensure engine survivability in a firefight, and an electronic night vision system for lowlight operation completes the tactical package. If you desire, there is a slew of add ons to increase its operational capability too, but we shall you explore them on your own time.

Inkas Toyota Land Cruiser Armored Vehicle

Image: Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing via Uncrate.

via Uncrate

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