Calling out to fans of Vespa. Yes, it’s another Vespa for today! But this one here is a LEGO MOC, submitted to LEGO Ideas. I think it deserve fans’ precious support because, this 445-piece, 1/9 scale model looks absolutely fantastic.

Created by LEGO Ideas member Brickfreak., this LEGO model is based on the Vespa Primavera ET3 back from 1978. I may be small (but 445 pieces ain’t exactly small!), but it has a lot of details going on there.

1978 Vespa LEGO Ideas Submission

It boasts details like custom wheels to fit the black vintage tires that are to the scale of this awesome LEGO MOC and custom decals that brings out its vintage flair. It further features details like folding center stand, functional steering handle, exhaust pipe, kickstarter, front suspension, and speedometer.

Brickfreak. has designed it with a custom stand/platform in, appropriately, Italian colors. If you like what you see (why wouldn’t anyone???), do consider dropping your one precious support for Brickfreak.’s 1978 Vespa LEGO Ideas Submission.

Images: LEGO Ideas (Brickfreak.).

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