the biggest hurdle in going paperless in any businesses are signatures. they are required on many documents, and therefore impedes your paperless endeavor. and lets just say that printing the documents out and scanning them after the required signatories are on them are not going to help. the trick here is not to print the documents but still have them signed, and keep it that way. for that to happen, you will need a device like the Wacom DTU-1031 Pen Display. the DTU-1031 features a 10.1-inch LED backlit IPS touchscreen display with 1,280 x 800 resolution, allowing full letter-size documents to be viewed with minimal scrolling and from there, your customers can endorse on the documents digitally without having to print them out. measuring a handy 8.54″ x 5.34″ (217 mm x 135.6 mm), the Wacom DTU-1031 Pen Display offers a handy solution that also features state-of-the-art RSA/AES encryption for performing secure transactions, single USB that feeds data for video, power and USB data, integrated stand that supports use at two different angles, four customizable ExpressKeys for assigning common functions, VESA mounting holes for use with third party mounts and it comes packed with a patented cordless, battery-free pen that boasts 512 levels of pressure sensitivity for the ultimate in signing and/or writing experience. hey, you got to instill some confidence in your clients, don’t you? and that’s what the DTU-1031 aims to achieve. the Wacom DTU-1031 Pen Display is slated to be available via Wacom web store and other channels from late April with a price tag of $749.

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