What Are The Top Pieces Of Equipment Every Office Needs To Have?

Having a well-equipped office is essential for any business. Having the right equipment can help you be more productive, efficient, and organized. But what are the top pieces of equipment that every office needs to have? From desks and chairs to computers and printers, here are some of the key items that should be included …

Samsung Wants You To Scribble On A $2,700 Whiteboard Called Flip

Oh, look, Samsung has an answer to Google’s Jamboard, and it is very aptly called Samsung Flip Digital Flip Chart Display. Like the Jamboard, Flip Digital is the a high-tech take of the good’ol whiteboard and it is designed to encourage collaboration and well, sharing of ideas in space-starved office space. Disregarding workflow, logically, Samsung …

Wacom DTU-1031 Pen Display

the biggest hurdle in going paperless in any businesses are signatures. they are required on many documents, and therefore impedes your paperless endeavor. and lets just say that printing the documents out and scanning them after the required signatories are on them are not going to help. the trick here is not to print the documents but still have them signed, and keep it that way

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