Neat Or Sloppy Packing, Crumpler’s Transparent Suitcase Will Bare It All

With terrorism constantly a threat, air travelers face endless security checks which often requires you to expose your horribly or superbly packed suitcase. But not with the Crumpler Vis-A-Vis Transparent Suitcase which, as the product name points out, is completely clear, which means no matter how bad or good is your packing, it will bare […]

Karachi Outpost Camera Backpack by Crumpler

it may look like a vintage military parachute pack, but the Karachi Outpost by Crumpler really is a sophisticated camera backpack that features a lockable 31-liter main compartment, a removable padded camera cradle with 12 dividers (accessible from the rear), an expandable interior, a front cargo compartment with internal