being wheelchair bound does not mean one has to be restricted to the confines of proper roads. with the Hexhog All-Terrain Wheelchair, wheelchair users will be empowered with the ability to explore the vast wilderness and backcountry areas which conventional wheelchair can’t go – all thanks to the vehicle’s patented flexing chassis and a six-wheel drive system. yes. you heard that right. not two. not four, but six wheels – necessary for tackling the tough, unforgiving terrains. powered by a pair of permanent magnet pancake motors, driving all six wheels through independent shafts, the Hexhog All-Terrain Wheelchair has a top speed of eight and half miles per hour and can handle up to 30-degree gradient in any given direction.

Hexhog All-Terrain Wheelchair

the motors are kept juiced by a 36v lithium-ion battery pack which offers up to 12 miles of range and recharges in less than 2.5 hours when charged using high frequency charger. the suspension provides a generous 450mm of wheel travel, while the unique chassis design ensures that all six wheels will remain in contact when traversing across the various terrains. the driving motors are intentionally raised and together with a sealed transmission, allows it to tread water, cut across mud bogs, and take on cross snow or sand without missing a beat. like most powered wheelchair, including the tracked sport wheelchair we have seen recently, maneuvering of the Hexhog All-Terrain Wheelchair is via a joystick system. the vehicle rides on six chubby 20×10-10 tires and has a secondary braking through fail-safe magnetic disc brake.

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Hexhog All-Terrain Wheelchair

additionally, it also boasts a seat transfer system that advances and lowers the bucket seat to a position that allows easier transfer from a wheelchair. all told, this cross-country capable wheelchair weighs in at a hefty 275 kg (that’s over 600 lbs), which makes it one hefty ride to be transporting around. so how much will this monster wheelchair cost? apparently, it has a sticker of around $30,000 and that’s yet to include the purpose-built trailer necessary to bring it around, which means this off-road wheelchair, though awesome, is likely to be reserved for the elite few. keep going for a video of the vehicle in action.

Hexhog All-Terrain Wheelchair

Hexhog All-Terrain Wheelchair

Hexhog All-Terrain Wheelchair

Hexhog All-Terrain Wheelchair

Hexhog All-Terrain Wheelchair

Hexhog via Ubergizmo

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  1. Your price would have to drop be $10,000. UDS. before I could even contemplate a purchase. And i already know my Medical Insurance Provider will never cover it and/or even go for it.

    1. until the day battery technology improves and the price really drop like crazy, these things will remain in the domain of the elites. that said, i believe the culprit of the high price tag is the battery.

      1. @ Mike Chua.

        True. But, then again you can adapt, Most Bicycle technologies, Motorcycle technologies, Automotive technologies, Aerospace technologies and Marine technologies. Into Wheelchair technologies as well. The possibilities are endless.

        1. my concern is still the battery. it seems like lots of things have been moving nicely, but battery tech just can’t keep up and not mention, they are pretty hazardous too.

          1. I can get a Off-Road Tracked Wheelchair, for about 8-Grand USD. And swap out the Lithium-Ion batter pack, with a LiFePo4 battery pack, for about another Grand.

          2. @ Mike Chua.

            It probably is. “It’s Six of One, or Half-A-Dozen of Another”, both the Hexhog and the Der Ziesel Sports Vehicle, are little more than “novelty-toys” for the Rich and Famous, Handicapped and Non-Handicapped alike. For those of us, that can’t afford 30-Grand USD. Have to settle for something a lot cheaper. And with the recent Hoveround Powered Wheelchair scandal and Medicare. Thing are not looking too good for those of us, that want or need something more than regular wheelchair mobility. And too use a old “Yellow-Pages” cleshay. “We Have To Use Our Fingers To Do the Walking,” on the ol’keyboard. And look, look. and look even harder. On or at something that will meet our need, affordably.

  2. @ Mike Chua.

    Lithium-Iron batteries could be used, instead of Lithium-Ion batteries. They have a higher storage life and they recharge faster too.

  3. I found another Tracked Wheelchair possibility. The BPG-Werks DTS Shredder for about $3-Grand USD. Mount a collapsible chair, shorten the control stalk oo wheelchair height, and put variable speed selector switch. So you can control the speed setting, so ou can go from inddor/outdoor and off-road modes. It’s small, compact and fast, with a relatively good range, And can cross multiple lanes of traffic at signal lights, within the 20-seconds that normal cross-walk lights last (without being “The Purverbial Squirrel” trying, too cross a 10-lane highway, road kill.).

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