there are skateboards and then there are awesome skateboards. so what’s awesome you ask? the answer is, doing it without any kicking, while still able to tear through nearly any terrains (note: we said nearly) and the Dropboards Carvemotor 50cc Motorized Skateboard is just the ride that will do those. unlike some gas or electric drive skateboards, Dropboards makes no effort to hide the Carvemotor massive 50cc two-stroke outboard engine that offers you a good 2.5 ponies under your feet. while 50cc may not sounds like much but considering it is the same motor used in scooters and now drives a board that you stand on, that got to be really something – if not exhilarating at all. control over the motor and drum brake is via a tethered hand controller, which allows a person of up to 100 kg (220 pounds) to maneuver this bad boy up to a top speed of 35 km/h (about 22 mph). apart from the attention-grabbing hulking motor, the Dropboards Carvemotor 50cc Motorized Skateboard is big in other aspects too, like its structurally curved board that’s big in real estate department and large knobby tires for tearing across the off-road terrains. Dropboards have been selling the Carvemotor back at its home market in Brazil for sometime now and is hoping to reach out to other markets with its appearance at the 2013 ISPO Munich show in late January. so that’s a good news for adrenalin junkies outside of the land of soccer who are looking for new thrills but not so much a good news for your wallet cos’ it will make you a good $2,990 poorer. no words if anyone has stepped forward to take on the distributorship outside of Brazil at this point.

via Gizmag

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