who doesn’t love a good motorcycle conversion? you don’t? well perhaps that’s because you haven’t seen the Custom Triumph Bonneville Scrambler by French firm FCR. it was a love at first sight for us. just imagine this a classic like the Triumph Bonneville converted to a scrambler? this work of art by FCR comprises of subtle mix of elements such as black engine cover, Zard high mounted sport exhaust necessary for traversing across stream, a smaller headlight, LSL handlebars, bespoke upholstery, custom fender and tank cap, black wheels with off-road tires, LSL footrest, modified rear frame, EMC shocks, and among the many others. as you can see, though the mods may be subtle, but they are by no means a handful – all of which makes this freshly converted classic two-wheeler into a rugged and handsome-looking off-roader. seriously, as far as looks go, this definitely our kind of ride. well, we shan’t push our ideologies into you; instead we would let you be your judge by taking a few more look in the gallery after the break.

FCR via Bikers Cafe

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