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Project 7MC Is What Happens If Jaguar Were To Make A Sports Bike

There is no telling if British luxury car maker Jaguar will ever make motorcycles, but if it did, we sure hope it will look like the Jaguar Project 7MC, a concept bike dreamed up by Hungary-based designer Tamás Jakus (of Jakusa Design). Jakus is no stranger to conceptualizing dream rides, be it two- or four-wheeled, but Project 7MC is the one that caught our attention. Not just because it is sleek ride. Not because it is a ‘what if Jag made a bike’ concept, but it is also a synthesization of two of the UK’s most iconic marques: Jaguar and Triumph. Most importantly, it looks like a lovechild of the Jaguar F-Type Project 7 and a Triumph Speed Triple. Continue reading Project 7MC Is What Happens If Jaguar Were To Make A Sports Bike

Steampunk Triumph Is The Result When An Accomplished Motorcyclist Had A Say About Her Ride

there are custom two-wheelers and then there are those such as this stunning Steampunk Triumph Scrambler that makes you go ooh. it is more than just hardware; it is the folks behind it that makes this bike shines. this 2013 Triumph Scrambler is Sarah Lahalih’s handiwork but who the heck is Sarah Lahalih, you ask? well, she was a former Chicago Golden Gloves Boxing Champ (1993-1998); so don’t mess with her when it comes to fist fight, and an avid motorcycle lover who holds a AMA, AHRMA and CCS race license and is currently the only female to be competing in the Thruxton Cup race series, and so yes, she’s not merely passionate about two-wheelers, she’s a racer too. on top of all that, she is an accomplished motorcycle instructor with a school under her wing and a series of instructing credentials including coaching military personal on motorcycle safety. now, Sarah can add another credential to her illustrious resume: custom bike making. Continue reading Steampunk Triumph Is The Result When An Accomplished Motorcyclist Had A Say About Her Ride

Custom Triumph Bonneville Scrambler by FCR

who doesn’t love a good motorcycle conversion? you don’t? well perhaps that’s because you haven’t seen the Custom Triumph Bonneville Scrambler by French firm FCR. it was a love at first sight for us. just imagine this a classic like the Triumph Bonneville converted to a scrambler? this work of art by FCR comprises of subtle mix of elements such as black engine cover, Zard high mounted sport exhaust necessary for traversing across stream, a smaller headlight, LSL handlebars, bespoke upholstery, custom fender and tank cap, black wheels with off-road tires, LSL footrest, modified rear frame, EMC shocks, and among the many others. as you can see, though the mods may be subtle, but they are by no means a handful – all of which makes this freshly converted classic two-wheeler into a rugged and handsome-looking off-roader. seriously, as far as looks go, this definitely our kind of ride. well, we shan’t push our ideologies into you; instead we would let you be your judge by taking a few more look in the gallery after the break. Continue reading Custom Triumph Bonneville Scrambler by FCR

Triumph Tridays Rumbler

Triumph Tridays Rumbler
Triumph Tridays Rumbler | US$tba | www.tridays.com

still can’t forget the lovely Triumph Scrambler? well, i guess we all have to move on and let go of the past, so instead of staring at the washed out photo of your Triumph Scrambler, why not own a modern rendition of it? and the bike that will fill that void in your life is the Triumph Tridays Rumbler. put together by the folks at Tridays, this one-off classic two-wheeler sports Öhlins spring elements, thick Pirelli studded rubbers, a Magura-Super-Moto braking system, Roadster handlebars, and a beautiful metallic brown paint job on its gas tank. Continue reading Triumph Tridays Rumbler

Omni-Bang is the sound of Triumph Motorcycles

Omni-Bang img1 544px
(image credit: Beverley Neilsen/Chang Sung-Ching)

what do legendary motorcycle brand has to do with sound? no, we are not talking about the magnificent growl of the 865cc engine or the throaty exhaust note from Triumph motorcycles but a pair of speakers complete with a digital dock for iPhone/iPod, dubbed the Omni-Bang. the speakers, designed by Chang Sung-Ching, was part of the collaboration between MA Product Design, BIAD, and Triumph Motorcycles to create a series of prototype lifestyle accessories for Triumph Motorcycles. Continue reading Omni-Bang is the sound of Triumph Motorcycles