Omni-Bang is the sound of Triumph Motorcycles

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(image credit: Beverley Neilsen/Chang Sung-Ching)

what do legendary motorcycle brand has to do with sound? no, we are not talking about the magnificent growl of the 865cc engine or the throaty exhaust note from Triumph motorcycles but a pair of speakers complete with a digital dock for iPhone/iPod, dubbed the Omni-Bang. the speakers, designed by Chang Sung-Ching, was part of the collaboration between MA Product Design, BIAD, and Triumph Motorcycles to create a series of prototype lifestyle accessories for Triumph Motorcycles.
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drawing inspiration from the Triumph brand, the company’s heritage and the Triumph Bonneville T100, these speakers are constructed out of the Triumph Bonneville T100 indicator units and level caps. the digital dock are of wood material with the Triumph brand-name embossed on to it. classy. the whole set-up gives it a very retro-ish feel. along with the Omni-Bang, there are a host of prototype Triumph lifestyle accessories designed under this initiative, including a turnable that incorporates a Triumph Bonneville T100 cylinder head and disc brake, and a side table that incorporates the T100 fuel tank.

my personal favorite is the Desk Lamp which incorporates the T100 headlamp unit, mirror unit and battery cover. absolutely stunning.

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