if you thought AirStream was the coolest camper, then you have yet to see the Bowlus Road Chief Trailer. this extremely spacious camper is inspired by the timeless American styling and handmade by expert artisan from polished aircraft-grade aluminum panels dotted with raised rivets (over 5,000 of them, btw), giving this trailer the extra retro-listic character. the throwback design extends to its aerodynamically engineered form, along with matching elliptical windows with brass mesh. alluring appeal aside, the Bowlus Road Chief Trailer is every bit practical with features like extra large front door for easy loading of large gear like paddleboards, surfboards, kayaks or bicycles, integrated lash points for securing those gears, high ground clearance allowing it to be towed to almost anywhere, and yet, it is compact enough to be stored in a conventional garage.

on the inside, it has every amenities imaginable to fulfill the desire for creature comfort while on the road; from propane tank, air-conditioning, configurable bed, expandable full bathroom with shower, built-in charging and storage, a full-sized sofa, a pair of armchairs, twin beds/dinner table, ample drawers for stashing your necessities, a tall wardrobe, and a very commendable kitchen that comes complete with SMEG Italian cooktop, foldable glass top for temporary boosting the counter space, Houzer sink with designer faucet that’s has an extendable spray head, a 3.1 cubic foot marine-grade Nova Cool fridge, microwave oven, and again, plenty of storage that you would expect of a mobile kitchen. it is hard to imagine a trailer with a length of 23′ 6″ (6.25 meters) can be so self-sufficient and has a dry weight of no more than 2,000 pounds (907 kilograms).

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the Bowlus Road Chief Trailer is built to US specifications and it is “natively” compliant to US laws governing the use of such trailers, but if you are residing in some other part of the world, Bowlus Road Chief will gladly discuss what can be done to make the Bowlus Road Chief Trailer a reality for you. however, do note that as it is, this beauty is ready burn a $100,000 hole in your bank account. so we cannot imagine how much more the freight and taxes would further set you back.

Bowlus Road Chief via Muted

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