long and oblong form is what we expected of today’s Bluetooth speakers, but if you are looking the other way, then the MIPOW BOOM Bluetooth Speakers might just be your cuppa. the MIPOW BOOM Bluetooth Speakers is Hong Kong-based MIPOW foray into the world wireless speakers and we must say that as far as aesthetic goes, the duo in the BOOM Bluetooth Speakers, the BOOMAX and BOOMIN, looks pretty impressive and oh, they does not bear the usual form you find in current horde of Bluetooth speakers. following MIPOW ethos of simplicity and practicality, both speakers have a distinct retro feel, attributed by its circle pattern speaker grill which is integrated into the speaker’s anodized aluminum body and detachable handle or hand strap. unless you are looking at a B&O item, you probably won’t find any Bluetooth speakers that comes with a real handle. this might be a subtle feature, but no less important cos’ after all, we are going to tote them around, don’t we?

both models adopts the latest Bluetooth technology for data transmission of up to 3.0 Mbps. the bigger of the two, the BOOMAX features low energy Bluetooth, along with high capacity battery for an even longer playtime and a standby time of up to 125 days. additionally, it is equipped with dual speakers, plus features like simultaneous pairing of two Bluetooth devices, built-in microphone for handsfree calls, two EQ modes, as well as a 3.5mm audio jack for non-Bluetooth enabled sources. the BOOMIN, on the other hand, has most what its bigger sibling’s features, except that it is has a mono speaker setup and comes in a more compact form. available through MIPOW web store for $79 and $124.99 for the BOOMIN and BOOMAX, respectively. hit the jump for a product image gallery and a promo video further down the page.

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