I’m Watch Android-based touchscreen Smartwatch

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(credit: I’m Watch) I’m Watch Smartwatch | from €249.00 | www.imwatch.it

the race for watches to outsmart each other is on going and one that’s going to be available pretty soon is these Android-based touchscreen watches. dubbed the I’m Watch, these watches are said to be designed to work alongside your Android smartphones, and even your iOS devices. there are two versions of this product: I’m Jewel and I’m Color. the former is a luxury range that’s designed around precious materials such as titanium, gold, and diamonds and commands a higher price tag. on the hand, the I’m Color collection is designed around colors and offers a more affordable solution.
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I’m Watch Smartwatch features Bluetooth connectivity that allows connection to your iPhone 4 or Android handset, thus allowing users to make calls and received calls, text messages, and even emails. the watch’s built-in speaker enables hands-free phone calls just like good ol’Dick did. apart from the obvious time-telling function, users will be able view social network notifications via its 1.54-inch touchscreen, and according to its website, exclusive apps and music will be available for download via it’s I’m Store and I’m Music, respectively. sort of like Apple’s AppStore and iTunes Store, though i doubt if the content will be even remotely close to what Android Market and AppStore have to offer. check out a short product promo video of the I’m Color models after the break.

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other hardware specifications include a 240 x 240 resolution TFT display, built-in 4-GB storage, 64-MB of RAM, Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR, and a 600 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery. expect to fork out between €599 to €11,999 (about US$847 to US$16,972) for the I’m Jewel version. in case you are wondering, €599 is for the Titanium version, and wallet-hurting €11,999 is for the White Gold & Diamonds model. as for the more affordable I’m Color version, they cost €249 a pop (about US$352). both versions are open for pre-order now via I’m Watch official website and expects shipment end October.

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I’m Watch via Gizmag

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