The age of Internet has progress from information/disinformation to individual trolling individual to this: business trolling another business. Case-in-point: McDonald’s Sweden French Fry Carton Shoes. McDonald’s Sweden has posted on its Instagram page two weeks ago a person wearing a pair of footwear that appears to be made from the familiar red French fry cartons.

The French fry carton does not look like standard issue. It looks a little too long even for large fries, doesn’t it? I could be wrong, though. Anywho, from the looks of it, it does have some kind of sole and not just a person slipping into a pair French fry cartons. But how is it ‘trolling’ anyone?

Well, apparently, the fast food chain appears to be poking fun at Balenciaga’s square-toe leather mules after some folk on Twitter brought the Internet to the attention of its uncanny resemblance to McDonald’s French fry carton. I’d say it look somewhat like, but not quite something out of the uncanny valley. I saw the black version and it looks nothing like the French fry carton.

It is the color that makes the designer shoes looked like the French fry carton. However, that does not make the square-toe mules any less weird. It definitely look weird, but it is still tame by Balenciaga’s standard. Anywho, in the Instagram post by McDonald’s Sweden said they will make the French fry carton shoes a reality if the post receive 103,042 likes. Yes, seriously.

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Images: Instagram (@mcdonaldssverige)/Lyst.

Source: Highsnobiety.

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