having a life-size replica of the iconic Han Solo In Carbonite stuff is cool, but usually those stuff are pricey, if not rare to come by. well, for you Star Wars fanatics out there, there is actually a cheaper way to do it and that’s the Han Solo In Carbonite Life-size Wall Decal Sticker which you can get for a fraction of those ‘real’ carbonite stuff. just kidding. you can’t really carbonite someone in our planet yet. that’s only available in the galaxy far, far away. anyway, this laminated wall decal, which measures 32″ W by 80″ H (0.8 m by 2 m), can be applied to your door or wall and although it is in fact a flat piece of decal (read: grown ups’ sticker), it does appear to be rather 3D looking (on picture, that is). however, we are not quite sure if that’s the case when viewed in person.

this laminated version is currently unavailable, but if you are willing, you could settle for a non-laminated version going for $79.95 on Etsy. however, it is worthy to note that, though it is said that you could mount this Han Solo In Carbonite Life-size Wall Decal Sticker to the door, it appears that the decal is lacking of cutouts for the door handle and lock. so you might have to do some handy work to get it to fit your door. also, if you were to settle for the non-laminated version, you can actually request for custom size to be made, which means you might be able to get one done for your fridge too. sounds kind of rad, eh? probably. we still favor a real 3D version, though.

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Etsy via Gizmodo

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