LEGO Created A 40,000+ Pieces LEGO Han Solo In Carbonite Sculpture

To celebrate the reveal of the new LEGO Star Wars video game, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga at this year’s E3 Expo, LEGO has created a giant Han Solo in Carbonite and it looks freaking awesome! It took some 248 hours to design and build (of which, 38 hours was just on designing this […]

You Can Now Dress Up As Han Solo In Carbonite Thanks To This Inflatable

I can’t believe no one dresses up as Han Solo… in Carbonite for Comic-Con and Halloween. Or maybe there were? I can’t say for sure. Anywho, in case you are a Star Wars fan and wanted to dress up as a different kind of Solo (a less than suave Solo, that is), then you may […]

The Beautiful World Of Dr. Peisan LEGO MOC, Sushi Conveyor Included

When first came across Dr. Peisan’s custom motorized LEGO Sushi Bar Conveyor Belt featured at Japan Brickfest 2018, we were completely impressed. We decided to write about it, but then, as we dug for more details, we discovered this Japanese master builder’s other work of art. We decided that it won’t do justice to this […]

Movie Prop Replica Of Han Solo In Carbonite Now As A Power Bank

In the galaxy far, far away, the power is in the Force, but in this real world where our lives pretty much depend on smartphones, power is in the power bank. This is why, real world folks like you and me ought to have the Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Power Bank in your […]

Solo: A Star Wars Story LEGO Kessel Run Millennium Falcon Available Now

The LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon is one of the much loved set in the LEGO Star Wars collection (especially the ridiculously pricey UCS edition), but if the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story (Walt Disney Pictures, 2018) does indeed make much of dent in the box office, then perhaps, the star space vehicle of […]

Glowing Han Solo In Carbonite Makes This The Coolest Fridge Ever

Special effect artist Frank Ippolito is known for his work on movies like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, The Chronicles of Riddick, and Casanova, and he had hands in helping Adam Savage to create the amazing Admiral Ackbar cosplay for Adam’s incognito entrance at Comic-Con. You may not know Frank, but he latest […]

Life-size Han Solo In Carbonite Figure

with regard to the now legendary Han Solo in Carbonite stuff, you have to be either a huge Jabba fan or basically, loves Solo so much that you want the carbonite version of him to be part of your man cave. regardless of where you stand, you can now score yourself one Life-size Han Solo In Carbonite Figure…