Thinking of reducing your kitchen’s clutter? I know right, who wouldn’t? If that’s what you desire, you may want to start with Oriboard. Designed by French designer Yannick Hesch, this origami-like kitchenware lets you cut, collect, rinse, drain and pour the ingredients straight into the frying pan – all from a single innovative kitchen gadget. Thanks to its innovative folding design, it can transform from a cutting board, AKA chop board, into a colander that holds the ingredients for rinsing and draining of water, so the ingredients can go direct from preparation to the pan.

And those are not even it; it even has two sizes of colander to cater to different sizes and amount of ingredients and the cutting board itself comes with channels to collect gravy and juices produced during the cutting process. So, no mess, no fuss. Finally, this multi-function kitchen gadget also touts a stainless rasp grater for quick rasping and a stainless bottle opener for, you know, popping open a cold one after a long day in the kitchen. Oriboard is made of FDA-grade, BPA-free materials that are both odor-resistant and anti-bacterial, and it is totally dishwasher safe.

Hesch is expected to take Oriboard to Kickstarter on September 06, 2017, where it hope to gather enough financial support to take it to production in 45 days. In the mean time, you can learn more about Oriboard in the product pitch video below.

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Oriboard Multi-function Cutting Board by Zunik Design

Oriboard Multi-function Cutting Board by Zunik Design

Oriboard Multi-function Cutting Board by Zunik Design

Images courtesy of Zunik Design/Yannick Hesch.

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