When Apple introduced (PRODUCT)RED edition of the iPhone 7/7 Plus, immediately many fans were swoon over. However, it is not without negative comments. Apart from commanding a hundred dollars premium over the regular version, some folks argued that a black front looks better with red (can’t deny that’s not true) and this resulted in some taking matters into their own hands, resorting to put the spanking new Red iPhone under the knife to get the desired black front, red case look (which absolutely awesome, btw). But really, you don’t have to do that.

Thin iPhone Case in Glossy Jet Red by totallee

Neither do you have to break the bank to get the red iPhone because with totallee thin iPhone Case in Jet Red affords the same aesthetic, or even better (because, glossy red!), at a reasonable asking price of 25 bucks. At .02-inch thin and .1 oz light, not only does the Thin iPhone Case in Jet Red gives you the aesthetic you crave for without hurting your financial standing, but because it is case, it also protects your device from everyday knocks and bumps too.

Thin iPhone Case in Glossy Jet Red by totallee

Based on the accessories maker’s line of thin iPhone cases, this glossy Jet Red case has a unique design feature that will sure to swoon fans of minimalistic design over: it has absolutely no branding at all, thus leaving the case super clean and neat. With the thinnest and minimal weight it has offer and a striking red color, it will look the part as the red edition. The only difference is, it is in gloss finish and it has no obvious Apple logo on it. Last but not least, like the good intention of (PRODUCT)RED, totallee’s striking red iPhone case also serves as a good cause.

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For every case totallee case sells, 10 percent will be channelled to the United Foundation to assist in the fight against HIV and AIDS across the world. With totallee’s Jet Red thin iPhone case, you’d be getting the aesthetic plus protection and at the same time, contributing to a good cause, so seriously, we really can’t see what’s not to love. Already convinced? Well, then you can find Thin iPhone Case in Jet Red by totallee for the aforementioned asking price of $25.

Thin iPhone Case in Glossy Jet Red by totallee

Thin iPhone Case in Glossy Jet Red by totallee

Images courtesy of totallee.

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