If food cooked over campfire always turned out unevenly cooked sounds like a familiar scenario to you, then EvenFlip may be the answer to this nagging first world problem. You can do without EvenFlip by conforming to the campfire by bending or squatting, but this $20 always-flat cooking stick negates such exercises. How so? You see, EvenFlip has a hinged fork that’s designed to ensure the forked food will always be flat, not angled like on a typical straight-out stick, and it flips and stays flat, so the other side can be cooked evenly too. It has an extending stick, allowing it to be adjusted to accommodate different person and/or campfire height.

In addition, the tines are designed to face towards you and widely apart to make removing the food easier and also reduces the risk of burning your hand. Like the Luuup, EvenFlip is one of many ingenious designs that makes living in the first world a lot more comfy and convenient. That said, we are surprised that it hasn’t got its due attention on Kickstarter and so here we are, letting you guys in on this awesome creation.

In any case, if you think EvenFlip Campfire Cooking Stick is a good fit for your lifestyle, then you may want to consider backing its campaign on Kickstarter and keep your fingers crossed that the project gets funded. If goes as planned, then you could be seeing EvenFlip at your doorstep as soon as July 2016. Check out the pitch video to see it in action.

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EvenFlip Campfire Cooking Stick

EvenFlip Campfire Cooking Stick

kickstarter via The Awesomer

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