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Plug Lamp
Plug Lamp for ateljé Lyktan | 2,800 SEK |

unless your home’s work desk is designed like an office cubicle, you probably won’t have a power outlet readily available to you at the desk level. at this point, don’t you just wish the desk lamp sitting there can do something more than just lighting up? like having a power outlet as well? that’s exactly what the Plug Lamp has. as the name implies, the Plug Lamp is a desk lamp with an integrated electrical socket, allowing you to conveniently plug in your laptop, smartphone or any devices that you want to charge. the concept is exceedingly simple and yet pretty compelling. all this while we have been bending down and knocking our heads while trying to plug something into the socket that’s at the bottom of the wall, under our desk. it makes us look dumb, really. this bulbous shape lamp sports a power coated base molded from aluminum and its integrated socket is not only functional but also present as a decorative feature. an opal glass shade completes the package. the Plug Lamp is designed by Swedish design studio Form Us With Love for Sweden-based lighting company, ateljé Lyktan. the Plug Lamp is available in a choice of hues including green, red, grey, black and white, and cost 2,800 SEK (Swedish Krona) a pop or about $407, based on the current going rate. check out a few more look after the break.

ateljé Lyktan via Design Boom

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