A box of tissue is one of the many items we find the need to have it cover up. The design really leaves much to be desired, especially for a product that is mostly out in the open. That said, I am a person who is always on a look out for novel cover solution and then this pops up: Godzilla Tissue Box Cover from Japan’s Rotary Hero.

Godzilla Tissue Box Cover by Rotary Hero

Thankfully, unlike other fun tissue box covers the company has turned out, the king of kaiju has a gaping mouth that allows tissue to be dispensed and not from the nose. I am pretty sure this giant creature born out of radiation does not running nose.

Besides, with a tissue ready to dispense at its mouth, it looks like dear old Gojira is spewing smoke which is very appropriate. Very cool.

Godzilla Tissue Box Cover by Rotary Hero

As cool as it looks, it is not mine to own. Apparently, it was out in the market in May (in fact, as far as late 2019, I read) and at this point, it has since sold out. Dang it. It was an officially licensed product, btw, and cost an equivalent of US$50 when it was sold on DeAgostini.

Godzilla Tissue Box Cover by Rotary Hero
You can have it on its back too, but it won’t be as impressive, IMHO.

Images: Rotary Hero [JP].

Hat tip: Technabob.

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